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Annita Rucker

In November 2010, Annita Rucker moved back to Lexington from Springfield, Missouri to be closer to her family. It was a very stressful time in her life. Physically, she felt like she was falling apart; her husband, realizing that she was a wreck, bought her a massage session from a local massage therapist in the hopes of getting her back to her old self. 

Unfortunately, the massage therapist did more damage than good and she ended up with constant pain in her neck and shoulder. Over the next few weeks, the pain began to worsen so she went to her doctor. After an initial examination, he prescribed physical therapy as soon as possible. She followed his advice and made an appointment with Kort Physical Therapy (Kort) and after six weeks she was back to her normal self. 

“Physical therapy worked wonders for me!” said Rucker. Since that initial visit ten years ago, she has continued visiting her physical therapist when she feels a muscle strain or joint issue and feels very fortunate that she has had success with her physical therapy.  

In the summer 2019, she had a neck and back issue that required more physical therapy. She went back to her therapist and over the next eight weeks, she had an extensive therapy and treatment schedule and was able to get back to about ninety percent mobility in her neck and back. Annita is proactive when it comes to her health and wanted to develop a combination of therapy and exercises to prevent future issues. They had several conversations about different gyms in the Lexington area that focused more on recovery, but none fit her needs. 

She made some phone calls and met with several local trainers to discuss her goals, but no one seemed to appreciate her specific need to develop a preventative program. Thankfully, during her search for a trainer, her physical therapist told her about a partnership with the Whitaker Family YMCA.  

Kort Physical Therapy worked with Amber Serres and Rebecca Kelly from the Whitaker Family YMCA and developed a new referral program for patients who complete their physical therapy but need to continue one-on-one training to get back to 100%.  

To better understand how Kort could assist their patients, their team participated in one of Rebecca's Pilates Reformer classes at the Y. They experienced first-hand how the benefits of Pilates Reformer personal training would help them create a foundation for a successful transitional plan.  

Annita reached out to the Y and completed a physical history outlining her past issues and limitations and together, designed a custom plan for her.

Rebecca created a two-part wellness/workout plan for Annita that consisted of:

  1. Stretching at home on her own
  2. Personal training on the Pilates Reformer 1-2 times per week at the Y

Annita was concerned that she wouldn't be in good enough shape to work out on the reformer, but Rebecca reassured her that she would be fine.  And, of course, she was right. Fast forward one year later and all she can say is, "Wow!"  

Since working with Rebecca, Annita hasn’t visited her physical therapist in the last thirteen months, which is the longest that she has gone in the past ten years without a session. “Pilates has changed my body so much; I have increased my strength, muscle tone, and overall stability. Let's face it – those are the three things that women start to lose as we age.”

“Rebecca's attention to my limitations and her constant follow-up make her the BEST trainer for me. After so much research and effort to find the right person to help me get the results I desired, it has been such a blessing to find such a talented, caring, and excellent trainer like Rebecca at my YMCA.  

“Thank you so much, Rebecca. You are amazing! I couldn't be happier with the results that you have helped me achieve!

“If you have had issues in the past that have required physical therapy and are ready to transition into a healthier, stronger, and better version of yourself, I highly recommend Rebecca and the Whitaker Family YMCA.

I am genuinely amazed at the results that I have achieved with her!”