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Baseball, soccer, volleyball, flag football, martial arts, basketball, gymnastics—check out the sports offerings at your Y and get in the game. Improve your skills, make new friends, be active with other kids and learn to love a sport at the Y. 




YMCA Cheerleading offer kids the chance to get active and have some fun cheering on the YMCA Youth Sports teams. Cheerleaders will build self-confidence and self-esteem while developing social skills and healthy relationships with other children.

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Toyota Bluegrass Miracle League



The Toyota Bluegrass Miracle League (TBML) is a baseball program for both youth and adults with special needs.


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Ballet and Tap

Dance is a great way for kids to get active and express themselves creatively

We offer dance classes where kids have fun in our high-energy atmosphere

Tippi Toes Dance Company® Classes

Toddler & Me (Ages 18 mos – 3 yrs)

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A great team sport, volleyball is good exercise and lots of fun. We have Co-Ed Youth and Adult volleyball leagues that are an excellent way to build friendships, stay in shape and have fun. Registration is taken by team but interested individuals not on a team can speak with the Sports Director who can often find a team to join. Leagues form throughout the year.

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Martial Arts

Confidence. Power. Spirituality.


Our martial arts program emphasizes a balanced and complete approach to these ancient arts. While the training you receive will enable you to defend yourself, you will also develop concentration, discipline, agility, and strength.

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Learn a sport that spans centuries – fencing is the ultimate cross-training program that conditions the body and develops balanced coordination.

Youth and Teens ages 5-13 learn to dodge, parry and thrust in this exciting sport that keeps growing in popularity. Learn proper form, technique, and etiquette in this methodical yet fast-paced sport.

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YMCA Gymnastics teaches children gymnastics skills, confidence, coordination, flexibility and strength

Our gymnasts benefit from our high-energy atmosphere that encourages freedom of expression while building self-confidence and poise through performance and a passion for the arts. Our gymnastics program teaches kids gymnastics skills, confidence, coordination, flexibility and strength. 

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Soccer Leagues

Leagues are offered in spring, fall, and winter, and open to boys and girls, ages 3-12. Basic skills of the game are developed through soccer games and activities. Our leagues strive to have every child play 50% of every game while making friends and learning new techniques. Our soccer program helps kids become not only better soccer players, but better people as well.

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Baseball and T-Ball

YMCA Baseball is designed to teach young baseball players the fundamentals of the game

Participants will learn how to catch, throw, and bat in a fun team atmosphere. Formats include baseball, t-ball, coach-pitch and clinics and are open to kids ages 4-8. The focus of the league is to have fun, meet new friends and play in a non-competitive environment. Each participant will receive a game jersey & hat.

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Flag Football


Flag Football is one of America's most exciting sports and this program will introduce your children to the fundamentals of the game. We lead drills and games that teach the skills and positions of football as well as important values that are used on and off the field, all in a safe, friendly, and supportive environment.

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Did you know that basketball was invented by the Y in 1891 at the International YMCA Training School?

Dr. James Naismith was given the challenge of creating a game that could be played indoors during the cold winter months.

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Youth Soccer Leagues

Be Goal-Oriented!

Our YMCA Soccer Program helps kids become not only better soccer players, but better people as well. It's a progressive program, with multiple age-specific levels. Every participant gets to play and the games are safe, exciting and fun.

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