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YMCA Member Spotlight on Chitiqua Hocker

50-year-old Chitiqua Hocker decided it was time to join her local Y after learning that her A1c was high at her last doctor’s appointment in August 2020.

“My A1c was 8.1. Sugar diabetes levels were also high and now I am taking medicine for sugar diabetes and cholesterol. At age fifty, I now have type 2 diabetes,” she said. “I also take five different types of medicines for chronic high blood pressure and congestive heart failure daily.” 

Since joining the Y, Chitiqua has lost 24 lbs. She credits her increased activity (walking on the indoor track at the Whitaker Family YMCA and exercising at the North Lexington Family YMCA), better eating habits, and the help of YMCA’s Bob Johnson for getting her started. 

“The YMCA has given me a positive outlook on a new life change with my health improvements of losing weight and getting into shape,” she said. 

Here's the three goals Chitiqua established since her diagnosis of type 2 diabetes: 

  1. Regularly visit the YMCA 4-5 days a week to improve my health and medical conditions
  2. Weigh 200 pounds or less to help manage my diabetes 
  3. Have a lower A1c level by my next doctor’s visit in January 2021

The motivation of the YMCA’s Rev Up Your Routine Challenge has given Chitiqua even more determination to reach her goals.  

Chitiqua has a degree in culinary arts. She enjoys cooking at home, family reunions, holidays, and spending time with her 15-year-old son, Calvin. “I take him to the YMCA regularly to walk and swim with me. My son will not end up with health problems like mine,” she added. 

Joining the Y was made possible for Chitiqua and Calvin thanks to the generosity of our donors through the YMCA’s Annual Giving Campaign. 

We are all proud of you, Chitiqua. Keep pushing towards those goals!