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The Y really cares about families

I never thought I could make such great connections. Everyone at the Y really cares.

Nataly and Guy Subinsky moved to the United States from Israel in August 2016 when Guy's job brought him to Kentucky. They had no idea what to expect but knew this was a great opportunity for their four children to experience a new country and culture.

After finding a new home and deciding on schooling for their children, they began their search for a place where their family could engage in sports and exercise, a big part of their world in Israel. Guy learned about the YMCA through his work and everything the Y could offer his family.

They joined the Y in 2016. Since then, the Subinksky family has been able to connect with each other and with other families. Their kids have all taken part in various YMCA's sports programs. Guy and Nataly both enjoy participating in cycling classes and exercising in the wellness center, and X and X both are enjoying being part of the C.M. Gatton Beaumont YMCA's Barracuada Swim Team.

"The Y is a place for family, a place for community," Nataly said. "There is something for everyone in our family. We appreciate the sense of connection and belonging we receive at the Y.”

Nataly has made connections with people who share similar stories as hers from coming to the United States from other countries. She never thought she could make such great connections with people but is thankful for the wide array of culture at the Y and in the United States. Nataly says that the YMCA is their families 'home away from home.'

When Nataly is sad about missing home and her family, she knows the Y and staff are there to put a smile on her face each and every day. "We are grateful and love the Y," said Nataly.