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    Camp Check In and Check Out Safety Measures

    All children will complete a health screening daily before admittance into the program. Temperatures above 100.4°F will not be admitted.

    Children will be required to wash hands upon entering the child care space.

    Staff member will check ID and children will be walked up to parent at designated check out location.



    YMCA Social Distancing at Camp

    Children will be in groups no larger than state guidelines allow and will not integrate with other groups. 

    YMCA child care staff will wear masks and other PPE. 

    Children will be encouraged to stay six feet apart, especially during mealtime and transitions, and will be discouraged from touching one another. Activities will be modified to accommodate distancing.

    Bathroom breaks will be scheduled every 2–3 hours, with mandatory hand washing.

    Healthy hygiene education will be a daily part of each child's experience and activities will be planned to support this initiative.


    YMCA Meal Procedures

    Children and staff will wash their hands before and after meal and snack times.

    At the conclusion of each meal, tables and seats will be sanitized by staff.

    After the areas are cleaned, staff will sanitize their hands and exit the eating area.


    YMCA COVID-19 Cleaning Procedures for Camps

    Prior to reopening for care, all child care spaces will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

    Daily, staff will arrive early prior to opening to prepare for children.

    CDC approved cleaning solution will be used for cleaning and sanitizing during program hours. Areas will be thoroughly disinfected at closing.

    Toys, games and supplies will be cleaned and sanitized following each transition.

    A staff cleaning schedule will be posted and followed each day.