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Progress not perfection

Staying at home thinking I’m protecting myself seemed like a solution to pain, however, working out has gifted me with mobility, strength and endurance.

Joyce has lived a very active life and is not slowing down any time soon. Joyce and her husband have been married for 51 years and have two children. Both of her children were born and raised in Japan where Joyce taught English as a foreign language for almost 40 years. Joyce has considered retirement but enjoys staying busy with mentoring at a local elementary school, attending and leading Bible studies and doing some of her favorite hobbies of felting and jewelry making.

Joyce first came to know the Y when she was a young girl living in Japan. From 8-years-old up to now, she has gained a love for swimming, running and jumping. When Joyce and her husband decided to make their move back to Kentucky, Joyce was struggling with nerve pain in her back and arthritis in her knees. After extensive medical procedures, Joyce’s doctor agreed that the SilverSneakers® chair yoga class at the Y would be a good fit for her. The first few days were very tough for her, but Joyce was persistent and found the fight to be like a competition. Joyce claims to be a very competitive person so she was up for the challenge to better herself.

When first starting off, Joyce was walking with a cane or walker and could only stand for about two-minutes. She also struggled with everyday tasks of carrying groceries, washing dishes, cooking dinner and simply walking around. Joyce then discovered the Enhance®Fitness program which is a class for 65 and older with joint pain and a YMCA water aerobics class. Before starting the programs at the Y, Joyce thought that staying home was the best way to protect herself from the pain, but she says, “the truth is that working out has gifted me with mobility, strength and endurance and has made me younger again.”

Joyce has now completed a triathlon challenge at the Y, no longer feels the need to walk with a cane and has greater confidence in her own abilities and a desire to keep on moving.