YMCA of Central Kentucky

Martial Arts/Karate

Martial arts training improves the lives of participants by instilling self-confidence, self-discipline, respect, and responsibility.  

Register for Martial Arts

Registration: Y Members: 10th of the prior month before session date; Non-members: 20th of the prior month before session date


Shaolin develop confidence, strength, focus, flexibility, and balance, in an ongoing progressive program. New beginner classes.

Ages 8 to Adult years

Fee: Member: $50; Non-member: $77 (8-weeks)

Shaolin Kids • Ages 4-7 years

Fee: Member: $50; Non-member: $77 (8-weeks)

Tai Chi/Chi Kung Combo – Meditation in Motion

with special Chi Kung breathing techniques and postures that support, deepen and enhance your Tai Chi practice.

FEE: Member: $50/ Non-member: $77

Chi Kung II

Chi Kung (Qigong) is a meditative exercise system that develops the mind, body and internal “Chi” through special techniques.

FEE: Member: $75; Non-member: $116

Tae-Kwon Do

Improve coordination, agility, and quickness while learning self-defense.

FEE: Member: $50; Non-member: $77 (8-weeks)